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Vacuum Technology-Vacuum Table

Author:DURNEY Silicone Date:2015/2/10 10:21:36
The modern interior is impossible without high vacuum technology. The time-saving, easy to apply and economical aluminum vacuum table, also called membrane press. He distinguishes itself in the market as an ideal tool for manufacturing flat, curved and three-dimensional molded products of wood, veneer, laminate, plastic and solid surface materials such as Corian. The integrated tank, powerful vacuum pump and aluminum construction make the vacuum presses even faster and easier. 

The principle of vacuum pressing is easy. The material form is a (one piece) placed between a mold, a silicone rubber membrane provide, folding aluminum frame and the worktop of the vacuum table. The high-performance vacuum pump will then ensure that the sillicone membrane itself to the shape and spans the whole press with great force.